Happy turkey day!  I didn’t want Thanksgiving day to go by without letting you know how grateful I am for my friends and family (especially my friends /family at JS).  

We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at our house and I came across a cool idea for a vase  for the centerpiece (using a fall LO I did for the NWR class)!   I bought 2 inexpensive tall glass vases at Michaels, making sure I could fit one inside the other.  I printed out the LO, 81/2 x 11, and placed it in-between the 2 vases.  This way you can see the LO curved around the outer vase, but it stays dry when you put the water & flowers in the inner one.  (Does that make sense?)   

As a little “favor” for our Thanksgiving dinner I made up small cards and inserted them in magnetic photo pockets (that I found at Linens & Things).  I can’t send out the magnetic pockets to all of you, but I can give you the link to download the cards!  Click on the 4shared link under the photo!

Enjoy your day…hopefully you find some quiet moments to count your blessings (you are one of mine)…watch the Macy’s parade…take a nap…and watch some football!

Picture hosted by Pixentral


6 Responses to “Blessings…”

  1. Deb P Says:

    Dawn … You are truly a treasured friend!!! I’m so thankful to have such great friends who so willing share their talents and creations. I love your Thanksgiving card! It’s wonderful!!!!! Hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and loved ones. mwah!!!!

  2. LivE Says:

    Happy thanksgiving, my friend! What an awesome, great card! Wish we had the same thing over here… 😀

  3. Joan Says:

    Oh Dawn, thank you and I hope you have a very special Thanksgiving also. As I said on the MB you are always such a bright smile that lights up the board.

  4. Carol Dillon Says:

    What a wonderful card! Happy Thanksgiving to you and like Liv, wish we had it over here!
    Carol 🙂

  5. Lee Says:

    Hi –
    Thanks for sharing the great ideas!
    Good luck with the blog!
    – Lee

  6. Veevs Says:

    Sorry am a bit late in wishing you Happy Thanksgiving!! I keep forgetting to check everyone’s blogs and luckily I can access yours from work, but none of the blogspot ones! xxxx

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