On your mark…get set…SHOP!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and maybe we’ve gained a pound or two…it’s time to start Christmas shopping to work some of that turkey, stuffing & apple pie off!  I think shopping is great excercise, even if you do it from behind a computer screen (just get up & run in place for a minute or so, okay maybe not)!  Anyway, one of the best things about shopping is when you can save some $.  Probably most of you know this already, but when I took my Mom to some stores earlier this week it was news to her…so I thought I’d pass this along.  She didn’t know that you could use JoAnn Fabrics coupons at Michaels and that you could use Linens-n-Things coupons at Bed, Bath  Beyond!  Some stores will let you use their competitors coupons to get the discounts, so it can’t hurt to ask them.

I’m always looking for gift ideas and it seems like alot of people love to get gift cards.  At my local food store they always have a rack of various gift certificates you can buy to stores like Nordstroms, Old Navy, KMart, Best Buy, etc..  Now don’t get me wrong, they are all great stores but nothing really unusual.  However, I did see a couple of gift cards that I thought were just a little bit different and would be great to give especially to any guys in your family that are hard to shop for.  They had gift cards to MLB.com, NFL.com, NBAstore.com and even Ebay!!!

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2 Responses to “On your mark…get set…SHOP!”

  1. Joan Says:

    Dawn, thanks for the heads up on those gift cards. I have never seen those either. As the kids turn into adults its harder and harder to buy. I am always looking for a little something different myself.

  2. Kari Says:

    Love the unique gift cards … always nice to find something like that for the “hard to buy for.”

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