This is blooming cool…

…as my JS friend Veevs would say! I just discovered this really neat feature on Photoshop Elements 5, and thought I’d share it with you all. Now maybe it’s not new to you and I’ve had my head underneath a rock somewhere (which is possible), but I thought it was way cool!    I knew about the “cookie cutter” tool, but what was new to me was the “crop shapes”.

What you do is:

 (1) open the cookie cutter tool, which looks like a star (or press “Q”)  

 (2) in the options bar, click on the first down arrow to open “custom shape picker”

 (3) then click on the right arrow (in the circle) and it will bring up a menu

 (4) choose “crop shapes” & then just click & drag over your photo.

There are 40 different custom crop shapes, including a lot of grungy type shapes.  I just sampled 4 different kinds as an example.  I just kept playing with them and would say “cool”, or “wow”, or “no way”!!!  Please let me know if you can’t follow my instructions, or if you have any questions…and have fun experimenting!


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5 Responses to “This is blooming cool…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Cool Dawn…have played a little bit with them but not much…nice way to showcase some of them with the girls 🙂

  2. SusanD Says:

    Thank you for discovering these and sharing. Just played for a few minutes and love it!!!

  3. Veevs Says:

    WOW, blooming cool!! Thanks for sharing Dawn! And yes, we need to work on Jana and Joan to get blogs!

  4. dewnie Says:

    This is lookin GREAT!!

  5. Joan Says:

    Hey Dawn, I did know these existed, its just that I usually forget about all the cool things Elements offers. Thanks for sticking them in front of my nose.

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