Shortcuts, brushes & procrastination…

I had some “down” time today (actually I was procrastinating…I wasn’t quite ready to start taking down the Christmas decorations yet) and I was organizing some of my Photoshop & Digital Scrapbooking information. I came across some notes about Photoshop shortcuts to use with the brush tool and I thought I’d share them with you.

I think most users of Photoshop know to type “B” to bring up the brush tool, and also about using the bracket keys to decrease or increase the size of the brush: the left bracket key “[” decreases the brush size and the right bracket key “]” increases it.  However, there were a couple of neat shortcuts that I had forgot about and I’ve listed them below.

Another cool feature when using the brush tool  (when the brush is on it’s own layer) is to hold the “Ctrl” key and it will activate the “move” tool.  You can then move the brush around the layout…try it out & play with it a little, it’s fun!  Hope you find these tips helpful and who knows…maybe I’ll come across some more shortcuts while I’m procrastinating, hmm I mean organizing.



3 Responses to “Shortcuts, brushes & procrastination…”

  1. SusanD Says:

    Thank you; I had no clue! Like it when you investigate!

  2. Jackie Says:

    Oh thanks for the tip Dawn…will need to try that out on a lo….

  3. Lindsan Says:

    Cool! Thanks for the tip.

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