Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration for layouts from the strangest places. I love looking at color combinations, patterns and texture! It doesn’t matter if it’s from a shower curtain or a fancy napkin or cute stationary or a pretty dress…or in this case a cover from a paperback book! I saw a new book (in the “Clique” series) at the local bookstore and just knew that I had to do a LO using the design & colors from the book jacket. 

Not only did I do a LO based on the cover, but Taylor and I designed a digi-paper and created a plopper from it.   The blue plopper is called Tiffany’s (love that store),  and in case you don’t like blue we made a pink one called Victoria’s.   To download the files just click on the 4shared link under the Victoria’s plopper (it’s not a secret). 

Thanks to Heather for her posting in the Jessica Sprague forum about creating quick pages!  Also thanks to Obsidiandawn.com for the great brush and to Veronica Spriggs for the heart embellishment.  Hope you enjoy using the ploppers! 

So…where does your inspiration come from???





4 Responses to “Where do you get your inspiration?”

  1. SusanD Says:

    Dawn and Taylor,
    These are beautiful! I love the names you have chosen. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. dewnie Says:

    you know i downloaded these!!! one of these days maybe i will be so creative…naaaaaa…i’ll just come over here!!

  3. Angela Says:

    Such creativity in your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on inspiration!

  4. Donna S Says:

    These are gorgeous!!

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