A little gift for Mother’s Day…

Okay…so I’m a day late, but I had good intentions (that counts for something, right?)! It’s been over a month since I’ve updated the blog and thought it was about time to get started again. I’ve been busy with the wonderful DID class over at Jessica Sprague…and baseball games, lacrosse games, 3 May birthdays (and Mother’s Day), fundraising functions, bridal showers, and so on! It’s all fun stuff and I love every bit of it, but it just takes time. And what better way to get back into the swing of things then with a little freebie gift for you.

Jessica had provided templates and a gorgeous mini-kit to use in the quote challenge for the DID class and this is what I created using the papers and embellishments from her kit. I only added the photos (thanks to Mother Nature for providing the flowers and critters) and found the quotes to use. If you’d like, you can download the 12×12 LO’s (just click on the 4shared link under the LO’s) and then use your paper cutter to divided each page into 4 6×6 squares. The title page (not shown) has 4 seperate covers, in case you’d like to give these as a gift to any Gardener/Nature lovers you may know. I made this for my Mom for Mother’s Day using my awesome new Bind-it-all machine…since she is the ultimate nature lover/gardener!

Enjoy! (and Liv, I know I owe you a posting for my “tag”)!!!

Picture hosted by Pixentral

Picture hosted by Pixentral







Picture hosted by Pixentral

Picture hosted by Pixentral



5 Responses to “A little gift for Mother’s Day…”

  1. dewnie Says:

    Thank you!!!! You are so gooooooooooooooood!!!!

  2. Tammy Says:

    Dawns–I was looking for an e-mail address, but couldn’t find one! Yes, I would love the photo with the baseballs in the bucket! It’s gorgeous! thanks so much.

  3. Donna S Says:

    wow…that is beautiful… I never got my mini album completed… YET! I will!

  4. Lisbet Says:

    I was just surfing around and I really enjoy watching your blog.
    Hava a great summer.

  5. Lisbet Says:

    I was surfing around looking for some inspiration and then I came across your side. I have stoped a long moment to look at everything. It´s great.


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