Some freebies and some tips…

Just in case you were wondering…only 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day (so start dropping those hints now to your sweetie)!   To me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts…it’s also a time to tell our friends and family how much they mean to us.  There is a quote that I love that goes “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget” and another quote that really defines a good friend… “It’s the friends you can call up at 4am that matter”.   I hope that I’m that kind of friend!

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and my friends) Taylor & I have created a new mini-kit for you!  It’s called “Hugs and Kisses” and we hope you like it.  There will be more to follow, but this first set includes 4 papers, 5 buttons & 1 clip.  Coming soon are more papers, some ribbon & wire word art.  Thanks to Stephanie at for the heart brushes!  Just click on the 4shared link below to start your downloading fun!

 Now for the Photoshop tips…did you know that to zoom in you can use Ctrl+ and to zoom out you can use the Ctrl-(minus) keys?!!  If you zoom out too much, you can press Ctrl zero(0)  to fit the image back into the screen.  Also, a cool trick to try when you are using the Type Tool and you want to  reposition your text… simply move your cursor away from your words and the cursor will switch to the Move Tool.  After you’ve placed the words in their new position just click back in the text to continue writing.  Give it a try…it’s really pretty neat! 



12 Responses to “Some freebies and some tips…”

  1. Kari Holt Says:

    Adorable freebie!! Thanks so much for it 🙂 Loved you quote about friends – those are the kind we have on our playground!! Although I promise not to call at 4 AM (unless I’m prank calling you in Chicago)!!

  2. Heather Says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed with your work. I will happily use them in your honor! 🙂 Thanks.

  3. SusanD Says:

    This is so pretty; I love the vintage buttons!

  4. Joan Says:

    Dawn and Taylor this is so pretty. I just love pink and brown. Thanks so much.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Oh thanks Dawn for the pretties 🙂

  6. Dewnie Says:

    You know i love your work!!! Downloaded and organized … need to do a layout!! Thank you!!!!

  7. Nancy O Says:

    Love the colors and the buttons and thanks for including the Tips. I need all the help I can get. Hugs and kisses to you and Taylor for sharing this with us.

  8. Donna S Says:

    Love it!! Thank you!! Love the buttons the most. You and Taylor ROCK! Thanks again!!

  9. Laurie Says:

    You did such a great job on these! I love the plaid paper! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  10. Veevs Says:

    Ohh Dawn, these are so lovely!! Thank you both!!

  11. Angela Says:

    Thank you Dawn, these are wonderful! Can’t wait to get home from work and download them!

  12. Donna S Says:

    Dawn – Thanks to you and Taylor for your nice comments on my blog. I’m thrilled you will particiapte in my little contest for reCREATE. I love your designs!

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